brianna + christopher

photography by pmgimage
some images by mallory

flowers by mallory

cardston/calgary, alberta 2011

i had the best time traveling to canada with the bride’s family for this wedding! the bride is canadian, groom is american and they are such a beautiful couple. it was a wonderful experience being incorporated into the bride’s family and all of the celebrations during this time, not to mention getting to do all of the florals as well! brianna is an athlete and an artist, and these bright colorful wildflowers were a perfect fit for her dream wedding. we used mostly fresh flowers with a few silks incorporated into the bouquets, and everything was fantastic for this great and adventurous couple.


alice + sam

flowers by mallory
photography by aubrey wall barnett
event locations: salt lake city lds temple and highland gardens reception center

this wedding was so much fun. how often do you get to say that you have attended a british/mexican wedding?! with a mexican groom and a british bride, it was a given that the party would be one for the books. alice was so fun to do flowers for. i will never forget how fun it was to have her cute british parents and grandparents ooh and ahh over everything at the wedding. ok maybe i have an obsession with accents…they are so charming!
this wedding was one of my firsts and it was a blast. it was an added bonus that i got to do it for people as wonderful as sam and alice.


classic roses

flowers by mallory

i love love love roses. they are so universal and can be arranged and used for nearly any style! as i was leaving my house to go shoot these practice bouquets i spotted a dried up bush next to my driveway. the stems gave just the right feel i wanted.
shout out to my best friend shelby for being my hand model in these.

table arrangement

flowers by mallory

i did this arrangement on a day where i was feeling blue. i longed for cheeriness, so i made myself this centerpiece and brought it to a dinner party with a friend that night. needless to say that these flowers + good food + good company = a happy mallory.

sunset themed colors


flowers by mallory

this event was the turning point for me. it was in designing this bouquet that i lost all track of time and got so caught up in the passion of floral design that i realized i could do this forever. this event back in 2011 was a moment where i felt myself come alive.